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Thank you for all the interest.


I have one powder coated machine that's for sale at the moment.  Restored and in wonderful working condition.  Sorry, sold, but I do have another similar black one that should be ready in a month or so...

Traditional black with 2 cylinders, two ribber dials, easy threader yarn mast and yarn carrier.

72/36 and 54/27

Legare 400 and more pictures will hopefully follow soon.  $2200 plus shipping.



Black Powder Coated Legare 400 Sorry, Sold

Deep Purple Sparkle, Legare 400 for Sale Sorry, sold

Painted, Black / Red Legare 400 Sorry, sold

Cran Raspberry Powder Coated Legare 400 - 3 cylinders, 3 ribber dials   Sorry, Sold


Original Paint Legare 400 - 2 cylinders, 1 ribber dial   Sorry, Sold


Green Bogan Auto Knitter for Sale.
80 slot cylinder, 40 slot ribber dial.
Never used, except to knit the original sock and then I knit a sock on it to make sure it was working well after I cleaned the dust off it. Original sock and my sock included with purchase, plus dvd, new needles, original buckle, etc.
Everything that came with it originally, plus more!



Most of my machines are sold fairly quickly. Most times I don't even get a chance to list them here before they sell. 
  I've left the ones that are sold below to give you an idea of what they look like restored, and what normally comes with them. If interested in a machine and I don't have one here for sale, please email me.

Thank you,


Blue Powder coated Legare 400 for sale  Sorry, Sold!


Amethyst Powder Coated Legare 400, sorry, sold


Sorry, Sold.

I have a Legare 47 for sale.  54 slot cylinder, 72 slot cylinder and matching 36 slot ribber dial.
Machine has been totally stripped and then powder coated in it's original black, with red inside the cylinders.
Unusual because it contains some brass parts on it. Not the norm with Legare 47's.
If it's not sold before OFFF, I'll be bringing it down there to sell.



For Sale: Sorry, Sold .   Canadian Auto Knitter, 60 and 80 slot cylinder, 30 and 40 slot ribber dial.
Original paint, original box and accessories.  More pictures to follow this week sometime.
Click on picture for a larger view.

For Sale:  Sorry, sold, will try to get another one for sale up soon!

Legare 47, 2 cylinders, 1 ribber dial. 54 slot cylinder, 72 slot cylinder, 36 slot ribber dial.
Original paint. Knits and ribs well.  Pictures to follow soon!

For Sale:  Sorry, Sold

Creelman Brother's Money Maker, Powder coated Emerald Illusion Green.

I've decided to part with one of mine!

Click here for more info:



  Sorry, Sold

Pictures coming soon!  Sorry, Sold
Legare 47 Original Paint
2 cylinders, 1 ribber dial, original box and accessories. 


Legare 400 in original paint 2 cylinder, 1 ribber dial
 Click Here Sorry, Sold

Legare 400, powder coated  2 cylinder, 1 ribber dial
Turquoise Click here Sorry, Sold


Legare 47, powder coated 1 cylinder, 1 ribber dial

Burgundy Click here  SOLD


Legare 47 powder coated
(stripped and ready to powder coat)
order now and choose your color Sorry, sold

Creelman Brothers Sock Knitting Machine, restoredCreelman Brother's 60/30
original paint, original attachments SOLD click here

I have been restoring sock machines for approximately 20 years, now.

I've restored them in their original paint, or stripped & repaint them.
My newest venture was powder coating. I taught myself to powder coat in June 2003.
I now believe the best finish for them are to either leave them in they're original paint condition or to redo them by powder coating.
More info on powder coating.

Click here for some pictures of my powder coated machines, I've done myself, in the past.

Click here to view some more of the machines that I've restored in the past.

Pricing Information


My restored sock knitting machines all come with a guarantee that they are completely in working condition (both regular and rib knitting),  sock knitting video or dvd, all brand new needles with extra cylinder needles and extra ribber needles, a sample sock left knitted on the machine with a cone of that same yarn, copies of the Legare manual and AK manual, my patterns for easy basic socks on both cylinders, pick hooks, lifting crescent, set up basket, hold down weights, heel helper for doing the heels & toes.
You also get help from me by email, phone (800 number) or in person in learning to knit socks on it.
Basically everything you need to get started knitting on your machine except for the stand and waste yarn.

I restore just about any type of sock knitting machine, so if you're interested in a particular model or kind, just let me know.
If you have special interests as far as what you would like to knit with, let me know that, too. 

Please note:  I do not have time to restore other people's machines.  I only restore my own to resell.
                    Also, the problem with trying to restore other people's machine is that if they are purchased on Ebay or elsewhere,
they don't always come with the original parts.  Some come with mismatched parts.  Some come with warped or cracked pot metal.
I don't carry extra parts for other people's machines.  And I don't like to tell them that their machine is not matched right or in too poor of shape to fix.

I also purchase vintage and antique flatbed and circular sock knitting machines to restore, if you have one you would like to sell.
See buying page.

Lessons are free with purchase of a machine, or email me for schedule/price of classes, private or group.




Questions? Email me at

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