Restored Legare 400 for Sale

Powder Coated Blue Sorry, Sold


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Powder Coated Legare 400
This machine comes with two cylinders, 72 & 54. Ribber dial 36.
100 brand new cylinder needles, 50 brand new ribber needles.
Inside of cylinders, bottom of ribber dial and set-basket , powder coated an iridescent purple.
Sample sock left knitted on machine in rib and stockinet, so you know the machine is actually working.
Cone of that same yarn. (Fly-Dyed Foxglove)
Crescent, weights, heel helper & weight, hooks, new cylinder spring.
Original bobbin winder with bobbin.
Zoom spout bottle of oil
Sock knitting machine video
Legare/Money Maker instruction book & Auto knitter instruction book (copy)
Easy Basic Sock patterns.
Help from me by email, 800 phone number or in person.
Everything you need to get started knitting socks except for stand and waste yarn.

This is a nice sturdy sock knitting machine that is guaranteed to knit and rib well.


Will be double boxed to protect it in shipping.
I normally ship by UPS.


For more on powder coating, click here




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Updated February 19, 2005