Powder Coated Sock Knitting Machines


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  More pictures to follow!


This machine changes color in different lights.
-- From dark green/black to lighter with sparkles.

It's hard to get a good picture with the camera flash, but I hope this gives you a general idea.

This is JoJo's machine.  She requested a bright yellow.  It will be sure to grab people's attention if she brings it with her!

Powder coating lends itself  very well to the sock knitting machines.
It is much stronger than paint and puts up with bumping, weather, or whatever else you might put it through!
It's easy to clean and much cleaner looking than paint.

I have  MANY colors of powder coating...from the traditional black with red inside the cylinders to textured, illusion, candy, metal flake and more!
There is no limit to the colors that these come in.

Burgundy Red

Here's another machine that changes color in different light. A deep purple machine that goes from almost black to a sparkly purple.

Auto Knitter Sock Machine in Blue Lilac

Wine colored Legare 47




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Updated February 2, 2005