Restored Sock Knitting Machines
Pricing Information 


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  Machine prices vary depending on whether I paint the machine, powder coat it, or clean it up and leave it in it's original paint condition.

It also varies depending on how many cylinders and ribber dials and the age and rarity of a machine.

All machines come with brand new needles, yarn, video, copies of manuals, patterns, oil, plus other accessories and lessons by phone (800 number) email, or in person.  They all come with a guarantee that they are in complete working condition.  To get more of an idea of what the machines I sell come with, click here and here to look at some samples of the machines I've sold in the past.

Prices range between $1800 and $3000.

If you have any questions or would like a particular sock knitting machine or have a preference for what kind of yarn you would like to use with the sock knitting machine, please email me and let me know that, too.

I am happy and able to accommodate most people with their wants/needs for a sock knitting machine.   



Questions? Email me at

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Updated Feb 22, 2013