*Green Powder Coated* Restored Creelman Brothers Sock Knitting Machine!
60 slot cylinder, 30 slot ribber dial.
If you were to choose only one cylinder and ribber dial, the 60/30 is probably the most versatile.

This is a fully restored and working  Sock knitting machine.

If you are interested in this machine, you'd better buy it quick before I change my mind again!
This is a machine that I restored to keep for myself, but I've come to realize that I have too many of 'my own' machines
and I can only knit on so many.  I have way too many favorites!

I put it up last year for sale and changed my mind.

So, here it is again.  I'm trying once more to let go of it.

The Creelman Brothers machines are harder to find than the Legare's.  They are made from heavy cast iron and made to last.


Everything you need to get started knitting, except for stand and waste yarn.

What is Powder Coating?
Click here for an explanation of powder coating and why it is better than paint.

This knitter knits extremely well. 

You can view the machine here.  It's the Illusion Green (first four pictures)





Machine will be double boxed, shipped and insured by UPS.
Email me with any questions. Thank you!

Questions? Email me at

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Updated 7/19/07