Legare 400, powder coated dark purple with sparkles.

54 cylinder, 72 cylinder, and 36 slot ribber dial.

Comes with oil, yarn, sock knitted on machine, hooks, heel helper, set up basket, copies of auto knitter manual
 and money maker manual (Legare 400 manual),
 sock machine dvd, buckle.
Easy, basic sock patterns.

New cylinder spring, 100 brand new cylinder needles and 50 brand new ribber needles.
Weights.  Bobbin winder with wooden bobbins.

Extra yarn - Yarn for each cylinder and waste yarn for each cylinder
Lessons in person, by email or phone.
 Guaranteed to rib and knit.  Comes with a sock knitted on the machine.

$2100 or $2200 with an additional 27 slot aluminum ribber dial.

This machine looks fairly black or deep purple in low light and sparkles in the sunlight.

Click on pictures for a larger view

It's very hard to get a good picture of this machine, but the bobbin winder above will give you a good idea.  It looks deep purple in a low light.

Ribbing still on the machine

The machine is set up with a 72 slot cylinder right now, but I can set it up with either.
Below are some samples of the variety of yarn thicknesses done with the 54 slot cylinder.  It will do a great variety of stitch widths or yarn thicknesses!