What is Powder Coating?



Powder coating is a process where a fine powder is sprayed from an electrically charged gun onto clean, bare metal.  It's then baked on, for a cleaner, stronger and smoother finish than paint.
Due to the high temperature of the baking process, there is no chance of moisture being trapped under the surface.
This is one of the reasons why automobile restorers are using it for their parts.
It leaves a show quality finish that will not rust.
It is also a lot stronger than a painted finish.
Other bonuses to powder coated finishes are that they do not have to be waxed.  You can just wipe off, use soap and water, or even just a clean cloth & Windex!
It is also more environmentally safe than paint.
The process takes longer than painting, but the results are so much better, that it is truly worth the extra time and effort!

The machines can be powder coated in just about any color imaginable!
Candied, sparkled, color changing, to plain or high gloss colors.
I've also recently discovered an exact black match to the original black color of the antique knitters.  Original replicas are no problem!

Click here for some examples.





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Updated August 14, 2004