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Candy Raspberry Legare 400 - 3 Cylinders, 3 Ribber Dials


Legare 400, powder coated candy raspberry.

48, 54, 72 slot cylinders - 24, 27, 36 slot ribber dials.

Comes with oil, yarn, sock knitted on machine, hooks, heel helper, set up basket, copies of auto knitter manual and money maker manual, patterns,
sock machine video or dvd, clip that I use instead of buckle.
Easy, basic sock patterns.

New cylinder springs, 100 brand new cylinder needles and 50 brand new ribber needles.

Extra yarn for each cylinder, waste yarn for each cylinder
 lessons, and guaranteed to rib and knit.

All the cylinders and ribber dials have been tested. 
The 48, 54, 72 slot cylinders are original, plus the 36 slot ribber dial.
The 27 slot ribber dial is steel and brand new.  The 24 slot ribber dial is brass and brand new.

This is an absolutely beautiful machine!
I demonstrated on this on at Vogue Knitting Live in Seattle.
Someone called it a work of art :)


Click on pictures for a larger view

Ribbing with sock yarn Shows ribbing
Heel done Stockinette
Sock on machine
Yarn mast


Shows machine crank.

This machine can do from worsted weight to light weight yarns.
Sample of worsted sock included with machine.
All cylinders and ribber dials have been tested

$2800 plus $45 shipping (insurance included) anywhere in the U.S.
Machine will be double boxed for safety and shipped by UPS



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