Unpack the machine and set up the various accessories on a table. The complete apparatus includes:
1 weight holder           1 heel hook                 1 single hook
4 weights                    1 screwdriver              1 instruction manual
1 bobbin winder          1 swift                        1 setup basket
2 bobbins                   1 oil can                      12 extra needles



    After attaching the machine, the reel and the bobbin winder securely to the table, and having placed all the accessories close at hand, choose good yarn for your first try and proceed as follows.
    The engraving on page 3 shows your machine seen from above. The letters A, B, C, and D indicate the four sides of the machine. A is the back of the machine or the part where it is attached to the table, facing side A, B will be the left side, C the front and D the right side. Remember these four points carefully; they will guide you from the beginning to the end.
    STUDY CAREFULLY THE PARAGRAPH 1, page 3 before beginning the work. Before threading the machine, one must fill the bobbins with yarn using the reel and the bobbin winder, as shown above. Attach the yarn to the bobbin with a half knot only, start filling it at the fat end and in the form of a cone as shown on the table. The best bobbins are obtained by playing out the yarn on a width of about 3 inches with the left hand; this movement, which creates a crossing of the yarn, ought to be done rapidly.


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