IMPORTANT- This drawing shows the "Legare No. 47" seen from above, take note of the positions:
A.- Back of the machine                        B.- Left side
C.- Front of the machine                        D.- Right side

The line B-D represents the center of the needle cylinder, you will notice the notches at these places on the top of the cylinder.  The line 1-2 indicates the part for knitting the toe with the seam underneath.
    The inside circle with the U shaped curves represents the top of the 54 needle cylinder, the numbers inside these curves indicate the number of needles you must lift or lower when knitting the heel or the toe.  The black line in the inside circle from Z to Z shows how the yarn is threaded onto the needles.
    The lines a-b, c-d inside the inside circle, show where to place the weight and the heel hook in making the heel.


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