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Bonnie Smola's CD

This download contains information about the sock machine(s).  It covers taking apart, cleaning, getting back together again, threading, knitting tube, tops of all kinds, heels the regular ones, sandal, and scotch, polkadots, open work, and argyles.  There are big pictures, written words, video clips with sound.  The advantage is that you can print off what you want and take it to your machine.  You can easily navigate from one topic to another. 
The cost is $25.00 for download. You may use Pay Pal to order.
email address bsmola@neitel.net

Bonnie Smola 
Yellow River Station
304 Scott Hollow Road
Monona, Iowa 52159.



There are extreme amounts of sock knitting machine videos on youtube.com Just do a search for sock machine, csm, etc.


updated 2/8/24