Needle Size / Gauge 

There are several different sizes  and gauges for the different types of antique sock machines.


 If you are lucky, you can find the slot size and gauge on the bottom of your cylinder.
This is usually shown by number of slots & gauge number.
For example, 72     12
means 72 slots and 12 gauge needles.

Auto Knitter 12 gauge Cylinder needles will fit Auto Knitters, PT Legare's, NZAK, most Creelman Brother's, Master Machines & Verdun. This is the number 7 needle in the graph chart.
Auto Knitter Ribber needles will work with  Auto Knitters, PT Legare's, NZAK, most Creelman Brother's, Master Machines, Gearhart, Verdun  ribbers.  This is the number 1 needle on the graph chart.  The Gearharts 1908 and earlier, most likely take the European type ribber needles.
The Auto Knitter Large Hook Needles come in 12 gauge ribber and cylinder needles.  These should fit the above machines, although you may need to make a few adjustments. (yarn carrier) The large hook ribber needles are not working in all the machines and the machines vary as to if they will rib well with them, so please consider this when you are ordering.
The NZAK manufacturer recommends you use the regular size hook auto knitter type needles.
If in doubt as which hook size to order for your machine, choose the regular hook auto knitter type needle.
Gearhart Machines get a little more complicated.  There were several different size and slot cylinders made for these machines.

This is taken from several different books:

52 slot cylinder 10 gauge
54 slot cylinder 12 gauge
60 slot cylinder Some 10 gauge ,some 12 gauge
72 slot cylinder 12 gauge
80 slot cylinder  12 gauge
88 slot cylinder 12 gauge or 18 gauge
100 slot cylinder 18 gauge only
112 slot cylinder 18 gauge or 24 gauge
120 slot cylinder 24 gauge
140 slot cylinder 24 gauge

The Gearhart 10 gauge are approx .058
the GH 12 gauge are approx .044
the 18 gauge are approx .039

German Rekord, English Imperia type cylinder 12 gauge will fit in the Rekord, Imperia, Cymbal, Wikuna type/shaped machines. This is the number 10 needle in the graph chart.
The corresponding ribber needle for the above machines is the European type ribber needlenumber 4 ,in the graph chart.
Please note: These are 12 gauge needles and will not fit in the cylinders and ribber dials that are a larger number of slots, such as the 100 or 120 slot cylinder and corresponding ribber dial.
I do not have a thinner gauge needle for these machines at this time.  I may have them in the future.

Also, some of the older Gearhart machines are happier with the European type ribber needles. (1908 and earlier) If your ribber needle matches the European type more than the auto knitter type ribber needle, you may want to get the European type ribber needle for it.


Please be sure to order the right size, as needles are not returnable.

If you want a sample needle sent to you to compare with your needles



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Updated January 19, 2017