CSM Stand Ideas

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stand1.jpg (53680 bytes) stand1b.jpg (22725 bytes) This stand is one based on plans  from the sock machine newsletter. (see below) I used swingset parts for the legs and wood for the top, then painted it all black, and omitted the wheels. 
stand2.jpg (58516 bytes) This stand is a folding stool with a wooden top and a cut-out  to make the sock machine stable.  It comes in several heights.


I sell this stand in the 24" height with the cutout for $30 plus shipping. (box + stand weighs 7 lbs)
  Email me with your address for exact shipping costs.

These stands are not available at this time!

stand3a.jpg (36679 bytes) stand3b.jpg (56879 bytes)

This is a cast metal plant stand that I cut out a half circle in the top to make it sturdier.  Then I painted it black.

stand3c.jpg (27785 bytes) stand3d.jpg (25936 bytes)
Original plant stand
delsstepladdertable.jpg (73607 bytes) I thought this was a clever idea for a stand.  This is Del's stepladder stand.  It conveniently folds up to carry.
CSM Midland Fair.jpg (125059 bytes) This is Roxana Baechle & Linda Chatterton with two other stand ideas. Workbench & solid wooden stool with cutout.
P001707.jpg (34098 bytes) P001709.jpg (61856 bytes) These stands are heavier duty replicas of the Gearhart sock machine stand.  I have them to fit either a Gearhart machine or the Auto Knitter, Legare, Creelman machines. $175 plus shipping. Box  with stand weighs approx. $24 lbs. I like to ship them all put together. None to fit the Gearhart available at the moment. Only Auto knitter, Legare shape.

These stands are not available at this time!

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