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Auto Knitter Sock Machine with Accessories

1- 60 slot cylinder
1- 30 slot ribber dial.
Original Paint, except where noted.
Reconditioned, Oiled &
Guaranteed Working Condition. (Ribber and cylinder knitting.)
All Brand New Needles (40 ribber & 80 cylinder needles)
New cylinder spring
Comes with sample sock knitted on machine.
Cone of yarn - same as sample sock yarn.
Copy of auto knitter instructions included,
plus Norma Bogan Auto Knitter Sock machine video.
My Easy Basic Beginner's Sock Pattern
Heel Fork and hooks
1 set of weights, set up basket, weight clip.

Everything you need to get started except table/stool & waste yarn.
Plus help in learning to make socks from me;
in person, by phone or email.

1 by 1 Ribbing

Ribber arm stripped and repainted.

Replaced yarn carrier and repainted base of yarn carrier.

Replaced V-cam and lifters with better ones.

Cam shell  has also been stripped of paint and repainted.
Metal parts have all been shined up.

Sample sock knitted on machine in cotton/wool/lycra yarn,natural.

Another picture of sample sock.





Questions? Email me at pat@angoravalley.com

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