Tie dye your socks or skeins with KoolAid

(This is from our 2004 April Sock knitting Machine Retreat in Lacey, WA)

Equipment needed:

Unsweetened KoolAid
White Vinegar
Saran Wrap or Plastic Bags
Acrylic yarn, if dyeing socks.
Measuring cups or cups to mix koolaid in.
Skein of wool yarn, not more than 3.6 ounces skeined off in a 2 yard long skein.
Rubber gloves.

Step 1

Tying a skein of yarn:

Grab one side of the skein and make a slip knot with it. 
Slip a loop into the slip knot and pull the first knot tight.  Continue to do this tightly, as if chain crocheting until you don’t have enough of the skein left to do anymore. 

Tying a finished sock:

Pull small sections of the sock up and tie them tightly with the acrylic yarn.

Step 2

Fill a bucket of warm water and add a glug or two of white vinegar.  Add your sock or skein of yarn and let soak until saturated.

Step 3

Squeeze out as much water as possible from the skein or sock and lay out on a large piece of saran wrap.

Step 4

You may either mix the koolaid with a cup of water or less and pour it in sections on the wool, or sprinkle the koolaid straight onto the wool in powder form.  This all depends on how strong you would like the color.

Try several different colors, if you’d like!

Step 5

Wrap in saran wrap or a plastic bag and cook for 2 minutes in the microwave.  Turn over and continue to cook an additional 45 seconds to a minute.

Time depends on microwave and size of sock/skein.  Watch to make sure that bag  doesn’t explode.

Step 6

Rinse out sock/skein with warm water and soap, squeeze out and then rinse again in same temperature water.  Hang to dry.


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