Easy & Fast Sock with Fun Fur Cuff or similar type of yarn.

No ribber!



I did this on a 54 slot Legare, but I'm sure you could do it on a 60 slot, too.

One ball of Fun Fur will make 2 pair of sock tops.


Start out with every other needle out of your machine and tension on it's biggest setting. No yarn is in the machine.

E-wrap cast onto your set-up basket with the Fun Fur.
(Try to keep set up basket fairly close to the top, so loops aren't too large afterwards)

Knit 25 rows.

Add the rest of your needles and change tension back to your regular setting for your normal sock yarn.

Remove Fun Fur and add your sock yarn.

Knit 15 rows, turn heel, knit 50 rows for foot and turn toe.

Kitchener the toe closed, turn the cuff over and your finished!

(Well, you do need to knit the other sock.)

Amount of rows in the foot section depends on size of foot and tension setting.

The above sock cuffs were knitter with Fun Fur, sari silk waste yarn,  and Charleston.
The feet were knit with my Monarch Super Sport yarn.

copyright AVF 2004-2015


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