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Light Duty Swift 
*  Made of plastic and aluminum
*  Will hold skeins up to 16 oz. &
*  60 inches in circumference
* Adjustable in width and alignment

gokowinder.jpg (15086 bytes)  No longer Available! Goku Yarn Swift
*  Traditional Japanese yarn swift
*  Spins easily on it's wooden base 

*  Holds up to 8 oz skeins
*  Adjustable for skeins with 55" to 63" circumference.


Rope Makers

No longer Available!

Schacht Incredible Rope Machine

New rounder design for smoother action and easier rope making!

This handy tool is versatile, useful, and just plain fun. Itís a tool every fiber artist should own. In minutes you can make decorative ropes out of a range of yarns. Create multi-colored or multi-textured, thick or thin ropes for belts, trims, handles, and more. Great for kids of all ages. 



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Updated 10/28/14