The Tuttle Knitter, "No. 3."

     This machine is made to meet the wants of manufacturers, who wish a cheap and serviceable Knitter; one that can be relied upon, and that will not consume one-half the profits in repairs and extras.
     Of this machine we make three sizes, vis: 3-1/2 inch, 4-1/4 inch and 4-1/2 inch cylinder. The price for either size with one cylinder, either 60, 66 or 72 Needles; set up comb, Heel Hook, set of weights and full set of Needles-is $27.00 for single machine, or five of them for $100.00. We can furnish extra cylinders with any number of gauge needles as may be desired at 5 cents per needle slot.
     Manufacturers of Knit Goods who have been using the Circular Knitters heretofore sold, all complain that they are continually getting out of repair. The Cams soon become loose, and then unless the operator is very careful the cylinder is broken; and with the best care, the Cam is soon spoiled, Springs lose their tention. Needles are worn out in one-third the time they ought, and the expense for cylinders absorbs too large a proportion of the profits. The manufacturers of "THE TUTTLE MACHINE" have entirely overcome this objection.
     The introduction of the best quality of iron into the cylinders, makes  them quadruple the durability of any other cylinder in use, while their  smoothness and hardness and the absence of loose cams, make the needles last three times longer than those of other machines. 
     Nine months experience has fully justified the claim that "The Tuttle" is the strongest, simplest, and most durable circular knitter, yet constructed. 
     Eighty "Tuttle" machines have been in constant use at the House of Refuge, Philadelphia, for 9 months, and run by the boys of that institution on piece work, without one dollar expense for repairs.
     The machine has also been subjected to the severest usage at the Chicago Bridewell for six months, without any expense for repairs.
     Mr. Theo. Fettig, No. 254 South Halstead Street, Chicago, has used four of them for four months. He says, ''he has used all kinds of knitters during the past ten years. That "The Tuttle" will turn out more work, and can be run at less expense than any other machine; there is no expense except for needles, and of these it uses only one- third as many as his other machines. 
     After several months trial, The Eagle Knitting Co., of Elkhart, Indiana, write: "We shall make an effort to dispose of our Franz & Pope Machines, and if so, will want 'The Tuttle' in their place."
     "The Tuttle" is made with special reference to the needs of Manufacturers, and all we ask is, that they carefully examine it, feeling confident that they will endorse all our claims in regard to it.

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