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Pretty and useful clothes (continuation)

 Skating Hoods

Fig.21 represents a hood made out of superior fingering or worsted yarn on any suitable cylinder, and knit, flat-web sufficient length, for the cape ; then a row of holes are made for a drawing-cord, and the upper portion can be knit in the same manner as a heel, by lifting the needles and depressing them, only lifting sufficient to give the hood the desired round, which will be  in proportion to the size.
***There are several of, the fancy stitches which are suitable.  The hood may be trimmed by cord  knit on  three stitches, as  shown  in the figure, or the centre stitch of the cord  can be unravelled and the hood  trimmed with unravelled cord.

Child's Hood.

A baby's hood or hoods for children can be made and trimmed like Fig. 23, in colours to suit the taste. Operators will find very little trouble in knitting any of the styles shown in figures, or other new styles of their own designing.

Lady's Hood.

Knit on ten or fifteen needles stripes to reach on the front from one side of the hood to the other, gradually making them shorter each time to give the shape at the back. Knit ten rows with coarse, soft yarn, with a long stitch, and four rows with a fine yarn , of second colour, with tight stitch, which will form puffs in the work, as represented. Sew the stripes together and ornament the border, to suit the taste, with fancy knit or crochet work.


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