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The Auto Knitter is an interesting sock knitting machine.
It was made in England, Canada, and the U.S.
There are several types of Auto Knitter sock knitting machines,
but they all have the same style of V-cam in the front,
and the same style of tear drop lifter cams, plus their well known yarn mast.

It is my belief that the Creelman Brothers made the first Auto Knitter machines for the Auto Knitter company of New York and Canada in the early 1900's.
It was patterned after their Money Maker machine with the ribber arm in reverse, as opposed to the later model 'pot metal' auto knitters.
Most likely, due to the war, some of these machines even had parts made out of brass.

Later the Auto Knitter sock machine was made by the Ainslie Company in New York.  Then there were the Harmony Auto Knitters in the 1980's.
The first ones were painted cream colored or off-white.
Later they were changed to black, and finally in the end, they were green.
The green Bogan Harmony Auto Knitters are believed by a lot of people to be the best machines of all the Auto Knitters made.
I am not sure that I totally agree with this, although, they are very good machines.
The Harmony Auto Knitters have a plate on the front of them with a serial number.  The first two numbers in the serial number are the year.

Photos of different Auto Knitter Sock Knitting Machines
Cream Colored
Harmony Auto Knitter
Black Fricke
Harmony Auto Knitter
Bogan Green Harmony
Auto KnitterBogan Green Harmony Auto Knitter


Auto Knitter  
Article by Norma Bogan of Harmony Knitters
Old Auto Knitter Documents 
 Auto Knitter from England  1913?
Auto Knitter Manual, 17th edition
Thank you, Jo Bradfield!
Home made CSM Stand
Trouble Shooting



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