The parts on the numbered go with the numbers in the picture.
The rest of it is from the other side of the paper.

1)      Lower the bottom levers to put in action the two rising cams which heighten the needles. Hold your work firmly in the interior of the cylinder, with the left hand.

2)      To lower the needles, push back the bottom levers towards interior, and get out the top levers. One will obtain this way a needle lowered at each knitting row.

3)      To execute a plain or circular work, push back the four levers (handles) towards interior.


A special thank you to Jean Paul Thibord for translating the above from French to English!


Semi-automatic Verdun, the machine more perfect, knits ordinary bottoms or
has squares! The needles are lowered or bend down automatically at the time
to knit the heels, the ends of feet or the squares. Made in Canada, out of
steel, semi-automatic Verdun adapts just as easily to manufacturing work.
The installation can be done in a few minutes.
Can create a Number unlimited owners, drawings, imaginations, in any


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Updated Sept 26th, 2002