Master Machines


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Some photos of the Master Sock Knitting Machine.
These sock knitting machines were special in that they had a brass cylinder and ribber dial. They also came with their own stand.
72 slot cylinder &  36 slot ribber dial.
I've only heard of one so far that has had a different size cylinder and I'm not sure if it was custom made or not.

Better pictures to follow! :)

Click on picture for larger view

Notice the different emblems
on the different machines.
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Before it was cleaned


I presume this is an older machine than the one above.


Kathy Roletter (VA) brought these tags to the CSMSA conference this year (2008) in Nashville, IN.
They are from her 1922 Home Profit Master Machine.

I thought it was so interesting that they had put tags on all the parts!  Thank you Kathy for letting me put this on the website!





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