LEGARE 54/36
Ribber Set Up

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These are the instructions for two very nice 2 x1 rib selvedge for the 54 slot cylinder and 36 slot ribber combo on a Legare circular sock machine.

Cast on in waste yarn every needle on the 54 slot cylinder.  Knit several rows.
Set ribber in place and transfer every 3rd cylinder needle up onto ribber.
selvedge1.jpg (53929 bytes)Put in your sock yarn and knit one row.
Lift up every other cylinder needle so it is
out of action and knit two rows.selvedge2.jpg (79245 bytes)
Please note* when raising every other cylinder up out of action, it works best if you raise the first cylinder needle of the two up.  You also need to keep the ribber needles working.  Don't put the ribber in the out position.pt1.jpg (37736 bytes)
Push 'out of action' needles back down being sure that the latches stay open.

Knit desired rib length.

sock4.jpg (73487 bytes)Switch all needles back to cylinder and continue knitting down to heel.    

Roxana Baechle's 54/36 Selvedge.

Tie onto scrap yarn and pull the tails of the knot through between two needles--
secure with a clothespin
Knit two rounds stopping a few stitches shy of where you started.  Start going around the cylinder hanging the loops from between each stitch on row one onto the needle immediately next to it going all the way around the cylinder, then knitting forward so you can finish the row.  Continue knitting around the cylinder one full turn to complete getting stitches back to a single one on each needle.  This is your selvedge edge.
On the following row, start right in front of the tappet plate switching into ribbing with a needle in every other slot of the 36 slot dial (to create 1:2 ribbing).  Remove the clothespin.
Leg: Knit 75 rows (or whatever you want for the length of leg that you like on socks).
Next row: switch to cylinder needles on front half of machine to prepare the ankle section (prior to heel). 


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